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Check out how Japan rolls at the 44th Annual Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota's Com's Connect. A personal Transportation Vehicle Concept that raised more than just a few eyebrows at the show.

When you step inside the Tokyo Motor Show at Big Site, you will certainly notice a change in how we commute and travel is in the air. Showcasing the latest and greatest in the world of transportation, the emphasis at this year’s show was on hybrid vehicles, integrated and connected technology, and smart travel. While we didn’t see any tricked out DeLoreans, we saw a whole lot of innovative concepts, designs, ideas, and technologies that will change the way you use your motor vehicle in the very near future. Say goodbye to the days of boring designs, and non-integrated technology, and say hello to the days of radical redesigns of established transportation concepts, and to integrated everything.

Smart driving technologies were definitely the star of the show, with many companies working on making the driving experience for everyone easier and safer. Of course, getting to your destination in style has always been a huge part of the travel experience. More than just a few eyebrows were raised by some of the newest concept cars and upcoming models from the big car makers.

One of the biggest lines, however, was drawn by Yamaha, who captivated the crowd with their revolutionary self driving motorcycle. As far out as the idea sounds, it is already challenging some of the best motorcycle racers in the world, such as Valentino Rossi. With an eerie, child-like robotic voice, it announced its true purpose: “I was designed to surpass you, and I’m improving my skills every day”. Spooky indeed, and I’m not just saying that because it was just Halloween.

Here are just a few of our impressions from the first day, where over 237,000 people walked the halls of the show. You can bet that number will increase since it’s a holiday week here in Japan, and the show is going on until November 8th. If you’re in the Tokyo area make sure not to miss this exciting exhibition!



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