Known mostly for his portrayal of Captain America (which is breaking box office records with “Civil War” right now), Chris Evans has fought his way into movie goers’ hearts over the past few years due to his iconic portrayal of the heroic first Avenger. Most people (yours truly included) didn’t know that he’s got more than acting chops, however, as is made abundantly clear by his directorial debut with “Before We Go“. The movie, which was very recently (April 29th) made available to Japanese audiences as well, is distributed online through a company called We Are Colony – a pay-as-you-go streaming service offering a vast library of special features, such as behind the scenes footage and outtakes, to its customers; in addition to their line-up of award-winning movies and documentaries.

“Before we go” features Chris and co-star Alice Eve playing complete strangers, who both get stuck in New York for an eventful night full of comedy and drama, with a pinch of action thrown in for good measure.

One of the things that really stuck out for me, was the great music in this movie, which (being a huge music aficionado) made me really curious to check out the soundtrack. After a bit of consulting the GOOGLE gods, I found out that while the movie does not have an official soundtrack, the songs can be individually bought through online music services, such as Amazon, or iTunes.

I’m sure you’re not reading this to hear about the music though, so let’s delve right into what you really want to read about: if it’s worth to spend your hard—earned yen on (digitally) renting (or buying) this movie.
While perception is always in the eye of the beholder, I personally liked this heartwarming tale, which unfolds slowly, yet deliberately; and if you’re into witty dialogue, will draw you in piece by piece. All emotions are attended to: There’s laughter, the aforementioned witty dialogue, a bit of action, and plenty of drama. While I don’t want to give away any plot points, I will say the movie explores some deep thoughts and issues about various relationship topics, and will make you think about the nature and moral/ethical ramifications of coincidences and going with the flow. Phew! Hope that was ambiguous enough for you out there, heheh. As I said, it has a great story, and it would be a shame to give any of it away.

One thing to note is that currently, there aren’t any Japanese subtitles for the movie, which might limit its reach in Japan. As it is not available anywhere else (besides at We Are Colony), however, it will hopefully still appeal to those who do have a good command of English and enjoy a heartwarming story that tugs at just the right strings.

As a big movie buff, I am glad that a company such as We Are Colony does exist and makes obscure movies available in Japan, along with behind the scenes footage and outtakes. They offer a unique service that is rather difficult to find anywhere else, and now that service is available in on these shores as well.

So, if you’re into movies, this company’s exclusive behind-the-scenes extras, deleted scenes, interviews, documentaries, stills, scripts and more will definitely appeal to you.  As for “Before We Go”, rent it for your next date night with your significant other – trust me, you’ll have a great night!

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