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Crafting a Revolution

Although sake might be the first alcoholic drink that comes to mind when you think about Japan, beer has been the most popular alcoholic beverage in Japan for eons.

Originally introduced to Japan by Dutch merchants in the 17th Century, this Nectar of the Gods has enjoyed a steady mainstay on menus all across the country since the days of yore. favoured by salarymen, housewives, and college kids alike, Beer, not Sake, is the King of the Alcoholic Beverages in this island country.

While Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi, and (Y)Ebisu have traditionally been at the very top in Japan, there has been a crafty little revolution brewing beneath the surface for a while, and now its gone mainstream.

The buzzword for beer connoisseurs these days is Craft Beer, which is beer made in a traditional, or non-mechanized way by independent breweries, who use their own ideas to come up with unique flavour combinations. Rich in taste, and smooth in texture, Craft Beers have a special something – that je ne sais quoi that once you try, keeps you coming back for more.

Even if you don’t like beer that much, give Craft Beer a try and I’m sure you’ll be quite surprised at how much you like this Nectar of the Gods. This certainly ain’t the flat, boring beers of yore.

This new kid on the block is ready to shake things up… It’s new, it’s fresh… and dare I say, it’s healthier for you as well. You see, Craft Beer usually doesn’t have all the chemicals, like Silicone and Ammonia, which are prominent in most store-bought beers. That’s why the taste is fresher, purer, and more varied from beer to beer.

There are literally hundreds of independent microbreweries and pubs popping up all over Japan these days. Doesn’t matter what city you’re in, you’re sure to find one somewhere near you. A great app to help you is Craft Beer Japan

Should you find yourself in Nagoya, and in need of a good beer, I dare you to forego the comforts of a traditional Izakaya, and instead head to one of the many new Craft Beer places, which have sprung up in Nagoya like beautiful flowers in a desert of dull sameness recently. They have literally started a renaissance for Beer connoisseurs young and mature alike.

Nagoya has traditionally been a city quite resistant to changes. Called conservative by some, this city is usually very slow at adapting new things. The Craft Beer revolution has caught on like a wildfire here as well, however, with new pubs and restaurants popping up left, right and centre all over the city.

A few places that stand out, and are well worth a visit in Nagoya (in no particular order) are:

So there you have it; the introductory list of the best Craft Beer places in Nagoya. Hopefully you will have lots of fun exploring the many new offerings in town. I’m actually kind of proud of Nagoya. Rather than continuing to be resistant to change, it has fully embraced this movement recently, and it is quite exciting to know the Craft Beer revolution is in full swing in Japan’s 3rd largest city these days.

If you want to keep up with the latest bars and restaurants serving craft beer, point your browsers to the following blog for always up-to-date information on the Craft Beer Scene in Nagoya:

Craft Beer Chubu

For now, I’ll just say: Kanpai! Prost! Prosit! Sláinte! Salute! Sánte! Nastravlje! Kippis! Skál! Saúde! Salud! and Skål!, and hope you all have a great time exploring the scene!

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