Mt. Fuji is the eternally revered, quintessential symbol of Japan – as is the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flower. Combine those two, and you get an amazing amalgamation of transcendent beauty.

To celebrate this picturesque beauty, there is a very special flower festival held every year at the foothills of the majestic mountain. Known as the Shiba-Sakura festival, this celebration of natural beauty is held from April 16th to May 29th and tends to draw quite large crowds – especially on weekends and towards the beginning of the festival, during the Golden Week holiday period.

Many People visited the park at the Shiba-Sakura Festival

Most people think that Sakura (cherry blossoms) only grow on trees and are usually white or pink. Well, there are special Shiba-Sakura, aka. Moss Phlox, as they are known in the west, which absolutely blanket the grounds of the park located at the Fuji Motosuko Resort. For the fact-hungry amongst you, there are around 800,000 of these flowers covering 2.4 hectares of land in the park. As a result, people from all over Japan (and the world) flock here, to this tranquil park, to celebrate the awakened beauty all around, and enjoy the combined allure of the flowers and the grand mountain.

Of course Japanese festivals and amazing food usually go hand in hand, and this one is no exception. Naturally, you can get the finest foods from the Mt Fuji region here as well. Anything from Horse-meat Udon to a special Yakisoba, all the way to the ever-popular Taiyaki (sweet bean buns) is up for grabs and will definitely satisfy your culinary adventures.

A full description of the available food can be found HERE
Of course there are plenty of Omiyage (presents) for all your friends and family back home as well.

And after all that walking around and eating, there’s even a foot-bath to relax your feet, and a good chance to mingle with other festival attendees.


How to get there
If you’re ready to make the long trip over there, you have several choices: Click here for access information

This festival only runs till the end of the month (so only a few more days). If you haven’t been there yet, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this truly breathtaking spectacle!

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