Over 13 million people (30 million including the surrounding areas) people can’t be wrong! Ask any Tokyoite what their favourite city in Japan is and they will always tell you that it’s Tokyo. But why do so many people believe Tokyo is so utterly aesome, especially since it’s one of the most over-crowded cities in the world? Tokyo has the least amount of personal space of any modern metropolitan city, it’s incredibly expensive to live in, and has its fair share of earthquakes, which leave most residents a bit shaken, though not stirred.

Despite these negatives, however, hundreds of thousands of people still flock to Japan’s capital every year to seek fame, adventure, and fortune in Japan’s Capital. It was also recently chosen to host the 2020 Olympics. Why is Tokyo so popular? Well, let’s take a look at what makes this city truly unique.


The sheer diversity on offer is second to none in Japan. There’s so much to love about this enigmatic city from the prevalent subcultures, such as the gothic lolitas, the cosplay lovers, and the Harajuku Kids, to the incredibly varied nightlife, all the way to the plethora of restaurants, which will satisfy even the finickiest of foodies; the capital of Japan has something to offer for anyone and any taste.

Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights you can look forward to in this epic city, on or before the big event in 2020.

  • The recently completed Sky Tree is the World’s Highest TV Broadcasting Tower. At 634m, it provides breathtaking views of the entire city.
  • Want to feel like you’re in a crazy anime, complete with sexy girls, and bigger than life Robots?
    Head over to the Robot Restaurant for an unforgettable performance that defies classification.
  • For a taste of Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza and Craft Beer, you can’t go wrong with Devil Craft Kanda
  • Want to catch fish yourself and then eat them? You can do that at Zauo
  • Japan and Ninja are Synonymous, and if you’ve always dreamt about donning a Black Gi and living out your Ninja fantasies, check out this tour for some truly authentic Ninja training.
  • Feel like cleaning your ears would be better enjoyed in a cafe with a stranger doing the cleaning for you? -No Problem! Head to the Ear Cleaning Cafe. Apparently a new trend in Tokyo, these parlors have popped up all over the city.
  • Jiro Sushi. Arguably the most famous sushi joint in all the world, this Tokyo institution has served the best sushi in the world for many, many years. If it’s good enough for royalty, and Obama, it’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll pay for the privilege though, as it is also one of, if not THE most expensive Sushi Bar in the World.
  • Akihabara. For everything Manga, Anime, and Electronics, there’s only one place that will satisfy all those desires at once, and that is this famous part of Tokyo. What could easily be called the Mecca for Otaku, this shopping district offers everything you could imagine, and then some! Entering Akihabara is like stepping into a different world – one straight out of a Manga or Anime. Since they go hand in hand with Japan and Tokyo, this is a must do on any trip to The Land of The Rising Sun.

That’s just a tiny sample of what’s possible in Tokyo. With so much to offer, and every whim and fantasy available for the taking, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but will quickly grow on you the more time you spend there.

Tokyo is a huge playground for adults whose every fantasy can and will be catered to. A true Mecca of diversity in a homogenous culture.
So, is it any surprise that Tokyo was chosen as the next host for the 2020 Olympics, and recently rose to the top of the list of the most livable cities in the world by Monocle Magazine, as well as the best destination for global travellers?

Tokyo At Night

If you still doubt that it was the right choice, hop on a plane to Japan and find out for yourselves – You won’t be disappointed by the metropolitan craziness that only Tokyo can offer.
See you in or before 2020!

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