Coming to Japan, whether for business, or moving, is not an easy undertaking at the best of times. Add to that the language difficulty and cultural differences, and the act of moving itself with many forms to fill out, going from one office to the next, talking to landlords/real-estate agents – whether it’s short or longer term – can turn into a daunting task for many people, let alone non-natives.
It’s no big secret that it is notoriously difficult for non-Japanese to find a good place to stay (particularly short term) in and around Nagoya, where English is still as rare as an honest politician.

Some companies are now tapping into this particular market, trying to help expats find comfortable short-term stay solutions with as little hassle as possible by helping to make the transition as smooth as can be.

At the forefront is At-inn, which aims to help solve the housing problem by offering an easy way to rent/hire affordable places for short or longer-term stays. Their properties range from quite budget-friendly options to high-class multi-bedroom ‘Mansions’.

These properties are not targeted towards the young backpacking crowd, however. The apartments are well-kept, in great locations, and in many cases in newer, or recently re-furbished buildings.
Featuring over 1,300 in Central Japan, and numerous properties all over the greater Tokyo area as well, the company provides furnished apartments and life support services to expats from all over the world.

Their rental apartments feature all the necessary amenities and creature comforts one would need for a short, or longer-term stay, such as a Rice Cooker (invaluable in Japan), hot water maker for coffee/tea, microwave oven, of course a refrigerator, all the necessary kitchen utensils, wide-screen TV, and of course the most important amenity for 99.9% of people these days, namely high-speed internet access.

The process of hiring/renting these apartments is quite easy, which is a welcome change compared to the usually stressful process of finding an apartment in Japan – and you don’t even need Japanese abilities to do it.
You go to their Website, select the area you’d like to live in, and then browse for the apartment you’re looking for. After finding a suitable place, you can get in contact with the friendly, bilingual staff, and voila, you’re well on your way to start your new life, or short-term business stay in (Central) Japan.

Having that kind of service provided in English is already a major relief, but the friendly, professional staff also assist you with various tasks you might encounter while in Japan. Setting up a Bank account, registering with the ward office, finding a school for your children, or to help you find that perfect Japanese class to truly immerse yourself in this exciting culture are just a few options available to you. Always at the ready with timely and professional replies, having that kind of support in Japan is an invaluable relief for newcomers to these shores.

They will take care of all your travel or business stay needs by helping you find a great place to stay, and providing essential life-support services.

Personal Experience

I had a chance to stay at three of At-inn’s apartments in Nagoya recently and was very impressed with the cost-performance ratio of these properties.

The apartments were all in great, convenient locations, were well-kept, very clean, and it was a joy to stay in them. The best part was that I barely needed to lift a finger due to the staff taking care of everything for me. I just had to pick up the key, sign a few documents, and that was it.

Even when I had some concerns, communication with the staff was excellent. The situation was cleared up promptly and professionally right away.
The staff at At-inn were an invaluable part of of my stay in Nagoya and from now I will always use them as my first (and perhaps ONLY) choice for business stays in Nagoya (perhaps even Japan as a whole) in the future.

The Nagoya Team ready to serve you
Members of the Tokyo Team ready to serve you

At on-par or better rates, and featuring much more space, personal freedom and amenities, it would be very difficult to find an equivalent Business Hotel, which are often tiny, old, and impersonal. This way you have your own place, a lot more room, and all the daily creature comforts you need to make your stay enjoyable.


Whether you’re looking for something short-, or longer term in the Nagoya or greater Tokyo area, have a look first and foremost at ATT-inn for your accommodation needs. Their great properties, and fantastic customer support really sets them apart from the competition, and will make your stay a joy, rather than a stressful chore.


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