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Lost in Translation

Upon arriving on these shores, you realise that you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. The cultural aspects aside, the language differences are a big barrier for most people after stepping off the plane in Japan. While feeling deaf and dumb at first, upon closer inspection, you start to realise that there are actually a lot of English (and other language) sounding words used in daily Japanese.

“Hey, this is not that bad, you think”. Your ears perk up at the promise of familiar-sounding vernacular, only to realise very quickly that a lot of these English-sounding words and phrases don’t actually make much sense upon closer inspection. They are so widely accepted, however, that most people don’t really pay attention to the nonsensical meanings.

Here are a couple of these words you might hear on a daily basis.

If you’d like to know how that word became associated with all you can eat buffets, please refer to This article.

Still didn’t get enough of these mostly non-sensical English loan words? For a comprehensive list, please check HERE.
How about you?  What words and phrases have you encountered that made you do a double-take.  Let us know in the comments below!

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