Did you know that taking a nap during the day is good for you? Apparently (according to researchers), a quick Power Nap can do wonders for your productivity.

Not missing a beat, and proving once again that you can do, and make money with everything in Japan, Tokyo in its decadent genius, has opened some Nap Cafe’s, where you can have a great cup of Joe, and (you guessed it) pay to take a Nap (though not necessarily in that order).

While the rejuvinating powers of a Power Nap are undisputed and widely documented, having these services offered in a Cafe format is borderline genius. There are plenty of salarymen and women, who are exhausted from long nights of expected drinking parties with the boss (you have to attend if you want to get a promotion, after all) Unfortunately, you can’t just sleep on the job to make up for all that lack of sleep. While the boardroom, or the first 120 minutes of a meeting provide ample opportunity to catch up on some much needed Zzz’s, these Nap Cafe’s might provide a better alternative.

One such place of hypnagogic bliss is the Mahika Mano Cafe in Kichijoji. Imagine a room filled with relaxing hammocks, a cozy atmosphere, and soft music – its almost straight out of every child’s naptiem dreams. They also serve their own blend of coffee and organic food to enjoy before or after your nap.

If you’d like to combine your naptime with a relaxing massage, you can’t go wrong with Foot and Body Care ZZZ. Having two outlets in Harajuku and Omotesando, you’re never too far from blissful relaxation at this sanguine retreat from the stresses of daily life.

While not exactly a nap cafe, the aptly named Asian Breeze has some very comfortable futons and recliner chairs where nobody will disturb you while you relax before your next performance review.
This chain of popular massage places has outlets in many parts of Tokyo and is thus easily accessible from just about anywhere.

So, before you get caught napping in the boardroom or during your next meeting again, you should head to one of the places mentioned above. Who knows, maybe that power nap will help you get enough energy to secure that next big deal.

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