The final day of the WCS this year started with beautiful weather, sunshine, and the ever-present unbelievable heat we’ve been experiencing here in Central Japan.  Even temperatures upwards of 40 degrees Celsius, however, could not deter cosplay fans, the official teams, nor yours truly to head out to Osu Temple to participate in the annual Osu Cosplay Parade.

The fun started at 9am in the morning at the press tent where we got our numbers to line up for the group picture in front of the temple.  It was brutally hot at this point, and everyone was sweating buckets of water, but in the end we were able to get some great shots for you, and we hope you’ll enjoy experiencing the colorful, creative, and sometimes jaw-dropping visuals of this parade vicariously through them.

A big thanks to Nick Edges for helping out with the coverage this year.  He’s a seasoned event photographer/videographer, and it is always a pleasure working with him.  If you guys want to check out more of Nick’s amazing photography and videography work, check out his page through the link above.

I’ve done this parade as a member of the press for close to 8 years now and I always marvel at the craftsmanship, time, passion, and creativity that goes into these costumes, as well as the dedication to not only the characters themselves, but also to endure the heat and still have fun with everyone.  The WCS gets bigger every year, but the sense of community and camaraderie between the participants, fans, and the media, has and hopefully will always hold a special place at this event to bring all kinds of cosplayers together for what is essentially the Olympics of the cosplay world.

A big thanks also goes out to our newest member, Gabi, without whose help and contributions on Sunday, we could not have covered the event as smoothly or efficiently as we did.

As always, thanks for reading, commenting and liking our site and various social media channels.  Stay tuned for the WCS 2018 wrap up post coming very soon!

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