It feels like only yesterday that we reported about the biggest Cosplay event in the world – the WCS in Nagoya, Japan. Now it’s again time to join the multitude of Cosplay fiends from all over the world in Japan’s 3rd largest city for yet another WCS. Only this time its much bigger than the previous years.

WCS 2016 Red Carpet Parade
Cosplayers from 30 Countries came to Nagoya for the WCS2016

I can still remember when the WCS was just a small event in a sleepy little city called Nagoya. Officially started at the Aichi Expo in 2005, the event has grown to truly international proportions. At its humble beginings, it was relatively unknown to most residents, and was regarded as nothing more than a Niche event for manga/anime fans and nerds and geeks to enjoy. Now it has become a humungous multicultural event spanning a whole week of activities around various venues in and around Nagoya.

This year, the activities kicked off with an official opening ceremony at Laguna Ten Bosh on July 30th, followed by a full day at Meiji Mura, and culminating in the Championship Event around Oasis 21 and the Aichi Arts Centre. The main event, namely the actual championship is spaced out over two nights this year. The preliminary event is on Saturday night, and the final is on Sunday night.

Teams from 30 countries are in attendance this year, and are competing for the ultimate price – becoming WCS (and thus WORLD) Champions. The winning team will not only receive the hard-earned recognition accompanying the title of WCS Champions, but also win various prizes.

We will be there throughout each stage of the championship to bring you updated information about the event.

For right now, I will let the pictures from this morning’s red carpet parade do the talking.
Introducing (some of) the teams this year:

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