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World Cosplay Summit 2017 – Finals

Many people in Nagoya think that the annual Osu Cosplay Parade is the only big event at the World Cosplay Summit.  Although it is a big event, they couldn’t’ t be further from the truth.  The WCS is akin to the Olympics of Cosplay.  It is the biggest Cosplay event in the entire world.
We went to all the events this year and have given you guys out there in cyber land frequent updates throughout the past week.  Now it’s come down to the last day, and we were there from morning to night.

Despite the unrelenting heat and humidity, cosplay aficionados flocked to the most recognisable temple in Nagoya to follow the official teams in a parade spanning the entire length of the eclectic Osu area.
Admittedly, before I started working at the WCS every year, I thought the same way – that the WCS is just a “little” parade in Osu for the cosplay fans.  Little did I know at the time how utterly mistaken I actually was. Just like many of the people here in Nagoya, I also had no idea that the parade is only one small part of the gigantic whole. The actual championship is not in Osu at all, but rather in the Aichi Arts Centre in Sakae, and it is a ticket-only event.

It is here, inside the main concert auditorium, where the true competition takes place. On the 2nd day of the Championship, the remaining 18 teams from the previous night’s preliminaries (from 30+ teams) face off once again in friendly competition to see who will become the WCS champion.

This year’s exciting event had amazing performances from all teams and was a pleasure to watch from the confines of the press area. While pictures do the actual event no justice at all, we hope you’ll enjoy this gallery and, if you couldn’t make it this year, that you’ll have a chance to vicariously attend through us.

After a long, exhilarating, and at times moving competition, all awards were presented, and this year’s Champions were crowned:

3rd Place: Japan with their performance from Ayakashi
2nd Place: Mexico with a performance from Trigun

1st Place: China with a performance from Blood: The last Vampire

There was not only the competition this year, but also (quite unexpectedly, I might add) not one, but two proposals on stage.  Congratulations to the lucky couples.

Overall, it was quite an exciting event once again, and having not one, but TWO proposals during the 10 year anniversary of the WCS added a very unique element to this truly memorable and dare I say historical event.

Ok, that’s a wrap from the World Cosplay Summit 2017. Very Special thanks this year goes to the newest members on our growing team of contributors.  So please check them out on Instagram and give them a like for doing a fantastic job!

Ok, that’s it for the WCS… Till next year!

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