Hello everyone, we’re finally back online after some technical issues, so here are a few posts from the last several days….

Summertime means intense heat, seemingly endless humidity, Cicadas chirping, and Kakigori being sold everywhere to make you forget about this intense heat at least for a brief moment of cool bliss. It also means its Cosplay time once again in Japan’s third largest city – Nagoya.
While there are plenty of interesting places to visit here, a very special place in the heart of the city is Oasis 21 – a very unique shopping and entertainment area. It’s built like a spaceship and located right in the heart of the city – Sakae. It’s also directly in front of the Aichi Arts Centre, where the Cosplay Championship is held every year. Naturally, this setting has made it a magnet for cosplayers, which are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

In previous years there were two big parades at the WCS – the Red Carpet Parade (in the blazing hot sun) on Saturday morning in front of the International Hotel, and the Cosplay Parade in Osu on Sunday morning. This year, the WCS committee decided to do away with the Red Carpet Parade and instead move it to the underground shopping area next to Oasis 21 – a rather refreshing change. The time was also moved up from Saturday morning to Friday night. This parade officially kicks off the final weekend of the WCS with the preliminary Championship on Saturday afternoon / evening, the Osu Cosplay Parade on Sunday morning, and the Finals on Sunday night.

We stopped by the parade last night to bring you some initial coverage of this action-filled weekend. Here are some pictures from that parade. We’ll be back at the WCS today to bring you more coverage, and keep you updated on all the latest happenings of this world-class event.

As always, thanks for your interest and support, and keep your eyes peeled on JapanDaily for more great information throughout this weekend.

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