World Cosplay Summit 2018

Sakae Underground Parade


It’s August once again and that means cosplay teams and fans from all over the world have once again descended on Nagoya, which transforms to the Mecca of Cosplay culture this time of the year.

The WCS is a weeklong event giving cosplayers, who won first place in their countries’ events, a chance to compete on the world’s stage against each other for fun, fame, glory, and prizes.  It’s a friendly competition to showcase their talent, creativity, and most of all, passion for all things cosplay.

Yesterday evening marked the first of two major parades for this year’s cosplayers.  They came from 38 different countries to compete in the annual World Cosplay Summit, or WCS, in Nagoya, Aichi in the hopes of becoming the WCS champion.

This parade introduced all the competing teams to the public, and gave them a chance to showcase some of their costumes for the first time.

The actual Championship is tomorrow afternoon/evening at the Dolphin Stadium in Nagoya, where all teams will perform their stage show and be judged on costume design, choreography, attention to detail, authenticity to the source material, etc.

Here’s a quick introductory video and some pictures from the parade.  Keep your eyes peeled on JD for more updates from the WCS this year.  We’ll be there every step of the way to bring you updated content from the event.

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