8 Best Japanese Plants For Your Home Garden

What’s a Japanese Garden?

The Japanese Garden is a symbol of harmony that combines natural forces. It is designed to bring peace into a minimalistic setting while keeping in mind the traditional aesthetics of Japanese culture.

Five elements make up a Japanese garden: water, which stands for tranquility and renewal; stones-which represent the omnipresence and beauty of nature; lantern-which is the guiding light to remove negative clouds; bridges that allow you to linger among the beauty of nature; plants–that portray the universal forms and life.

These Japanese Garden Plants that can be grown indoors are worth considering!


Hydrangeas have a long history of being a showy plant in Japan. They are mainly the macrophylla types that change their colour from pink to blue depending on soil acidity.


In small containers, a mini water garden can be created indoors to grow dwarf cultivars such as ‘Crystal Beauty’ or ‘Baby Doll‘.


Chrysanthemum was first brought to Japan via China in the fifth century. It grew throughout Japan, starting with the Heian Period. They thrive in indirect and bright light.

4.Japanese Sweet Flag Grass

The ornamental grass is very fragrant and smells even better when crushed. It can be grown indoors in full sunlight to full shade. Do remember to keep the soil moist for your plant though.

5.Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern

This evergreen fern can reach 2-3 feet in length with bright green, arching sword-like leaves with strong midribs and pointed ends. This species is slow growing.

6.Japanese Aralia

The evergreen shrub’s bushy appearance is appreciated for its large, densely coloured, and palmate green leaves.

7.Japanese Ivy

This deciduous woody vine is native to Japan. It climbs on walls, cliffs and trees. The heart-shaped leaves are white, making them very striking.

8.Japanese Maple

Wide varieties of Japanese maple can grow well in containers. Best cultivars are Murasaki Kiyohime and Mikawa Yatsubusa.