China Honors Woman Who Sacrificed Her Life to Save Japanese Family

Hu Youping, a Chinese woman who worked as a school bus attendant in Suzhou, tragically died while trying to protect a Japanese mother and her child from a knife attack at a bus stop in front of a Japanese school. Hu Youping was seriously injured while bravely trying to stop the attacker, but her selfless act has been widely mourned and praised.

Tributes to Hu Youping flooded the internet, and the local government announced that it would posthumously honor her as a “model of justice and courage.” The Japanese Embassy in China also mourned her death by flying flags at half-mast. In a statement on Weibo, the embassy praised her courage and kindness, emphasizing that her actions embodied the spirit of the Chinese people.

Condolences and praise for Hu Youping also poured in on Chinese social media platforms. Many users praised her kindness and courage in protecting the safety of Japanese people, describing her as “an ordinary but noble and courageous Chinese sister.”

The mother and child were injured in the attack, but their injuries are not life-threatening. The suspect, a 52-year-old Chinese man, was arrested at the scene. The incident follows the recent stabbing of an American university professor in Jilin, with Chinese authorities classifying both incidents as separate events.

The Global Times published an editorial reflecting on the broader context, praising Hu Youping’s bravery and arguing that China remains one of the safest countries in the world. In response to the incident, Weibo took steps to remove 759 posts deemed to incite nationalistic sentiment and stressed the importance of maintaining social harmony.

The stabbing incident in Suzhou raised safety concerns for the local Japanese community, and the Japanese Embassy issued a precautionary alert for Japanese nationals living in China. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret over the incident and reiterated its commitment to protecting the safety of foreigners in the country.

China has seen a series of knife attacks in various provinces over the past year, resulting in deaths and injuries, highlighting continuing security challenges.