Japan Trials World’s Fastest Internet: 402 Tbps and 50 TB/s Download Speeds

A new report by the Japan National Institute of Information and Communications reveals that the research team has achieved an incredible speed of 402 terabits per second (402 Tbps). The previous record for internet connection speed, set in October 2023, was 321 Tbps, following an earlier record of 226 Tbps in March 2022. Achieving 402 Tbps marks a dramatic improvement in speed and sets a new world record.

402 Tbps equates to an astounding 50 TB/s download speed—far beyond the capabilities of any current computer system. Most systems come equipped with a standard 1 GbE Ethernet connection, which offers speeds of up to 110 MB/s. In comparison, a 10 GbE connection can exceed 1 GB/s (1000 MB/s+). Even with 10 GbE Ethernet, this falls far short of 50 TB/s. The fastest Gen5 SSDs are currently approaching speeds of 14 GB/s.

This means that current Ethernet, routers, and SSDs simply can’t keep up with these speeds. However, this doesn’t render these tests useless—they still set world records for internet connection speeds. At 50 TB/s, even the largest games, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, which is over 300 GB, could be downloaded in mere milliseconds, not seconds.

Even the idea of enjoying 1 Tbps of lightning-fast internet seems out of this world, but 10 Tbps, 100 Tbps, or 402 Tbps+ is simply mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’ll need to upgrade everything—input/output systems, SSDs, and Ethernet standards—before we can even begin to think about utilizing speeds of 400 Tbps or more.