Japanese Researchers Asked A Man To Have Sex With 5 Women To Investigate Whether Squirt Includes Pee

The discharge of fluid following sexual arousal in female is known as squirting. It involves a tasteless, transparent fluid.

The International Journal of Urology report states that scientists infused an indigo-colored fluid into the bladders of 5 women. Out of 5 women: one woman was in her 50s, two were in their 30s, and two were in their 40s. All of the ladies claimed to be able to squirt.

Using a urethral catheter, the researchers first removed any extra pee from each woman’s bladder before injecting them with 50 ml of a blue-dyed saline solution. Women were subjected to manual penetration by a male participant recruited by the physicians in another room.

In footage of the experiment, the researchers saw blue liquid bursting out from all five of the ladies. This implies that pee is present in the squirted liquid. The fluids could potentially contain fluid from Skene’s glands (female prostate), they noted.

According to the study, this is the first study to enhance people’s perceptions of the phenomenon. There has always been a debate among researchers whether squirt consists of its own liquid or is just the pee.