Your eyes have not deceived you! That title does, indeed say what you think it does. Falling straight into the “only in Japan” category, Lactation Bars, which very much sound like something straight out of the latest Mad Max movie, is a new trend gaining popularity in the adult nightlife districts of Tokyo.

Photo of an asian man holding a glass of milk

Yep, whence else would a story like that originate? Apparently, real breast milk is the latest craze coming out of the Mecca of “Omoshiroi”. I’m not sure if the price of (cow) Milk has jumped up so significantly that milk lovers were left high and dry and thus turned towards breast milk to feed their lactatious appetites, or if it’s just udderly delicious, the fact these rather “interesting” Bars have sprung up in the real world still remains. To quote a recent (entertainment) phenomenon in Japan:

“Why, Japanese People, why?”
-Atsugiri Jason

While drinking Breast Milk is not that uncommon in certain countries, Japan was never on that relatively short list (including Mongolia and China), until now. Granted, Breast Milk does provide all the basic vitamins and nutrients a baby (small, or large alike) needs, the concept of having nursing mothers filling shot glasses with breast milk in front of your eyes is a very special “novelty,” to put it carefully.

To be fair, Florence Williams once said that:

Human milk is like ice-cream, penicillin, and the drug ecstasy all wrapped in two pretty packages.

So If you happen to find yourself wandering around Tokyo’s notorious Kabukicho area, and have a sudden, uncontrollable urge for some lactatious goodness, according to my sources, a cool ¥2,000/shot will get you that relief you crave. If you want to take it to the next level, however, ¥5,000 will ensure you can get your fill straight from the source, if you catch my drift.

For true lactose connoisseurs, Bonyu Bar seems to be the most popular such bar in Kabukicho. It employs three nursing women, all under the age of 30 and willing to let you partake in their mammary secretions.

Picture of Milk splashing

Now, I don’t want to Milk this story any further, so I’ll let the links do the talking. If you are interested in getting your Milk on, click on THIS LINK for more information.

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