10 Most Famous Cat Breeds In Japan

Let’s remember our feline friends who have made the internet a riot with their funny, cute videos and photos. Cats are the most notable thing on the internet.

Japan has kept cats as domestic pets for thousands of years. There are close to 10,000,000 cats in Japan, making them more popular than dogs. Japan has two wild cats: the Amur Yamaneko and the other is known as the Iriomote Yamaneko.

Cats are so popular among the Japanese that there is even a market for cat cafes. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat while you play with the cats or watch them roam free. Japanese folklore and culture also have a lot to do with cats. A Maneki Neko figurine is a bust depicting a cat believed to bring luck and good fortune to its owners. Hello, Kitty is a Japanese pop culture icon.

Pepy, Japan’s leading pet information, and guide site, has published the 2021’s most popular cat breeds based on 527 Japanese cat owners.

These are the ten most loved cat breeds in Japan for 2024:

10. Somali Cat

Image From the Spruce Pets

The Somali Cat, a relative to the Abyssinian number 8, is well-known for its long hair, large ears, and fluffy tail. Somali cats are intelligent, curious, and energetic. They are an excellent match for owners who can be at home most of the day.


Image From Lynxland Bengals

Bengals are known for their exotic and elegant leopard print patterns on short fur. They look just like wild cats you might find in the jungle. The breeding of Bengals was done by combining Asian leopards and domestic cats.

They are athletic, high-energy cats who are playful, intelligent, and affectionate towards their owners.


best breeds of cats to own in Japan 2021

Abyssinians are often called Abys. They are well-known for their tickled, short hair. This means that every hair is slightly different in the sense that it alternates between light and dark bands of color. Abyssinia is a state in Ethiopia that gave its name to the Abys.

They are intelligent, curious, and independent cats. They will, however, not hesitate to rest at the side of their owners.

7.Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a cat with a larger stature and looks daunting. They’re one of the oldest breeds of cats from the U.S. Their fierce physical look must have sprouted from how they used to hunt mice and lived on ships in early England.

best breeds of cats to own in Japan 2021

They are affectionate and adaptable, despite their size. They may also be great for mice problems!

6. Chinchillas

Chinchillas, a Persian cat breed (number 3), are known for their fluffy white fur and green eyes. They can be very friendly and play independently, but they love to be supervised by their owners.

5. Scottish Folds

Scottish Folds are named after the gene mutation that causes their ears to “fold,” giving them their distinctive look. They are known for their gray fur and round faces, with a gentle nose.

They can be adapted to other pets and households, and they are affectionate and playful.

4. Russian Blue

Image: Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Number 4, the Russian Blue, is well-known for its silvery-grey fur, ranging from lighter to darker grey, almost blackish, and bright greenish eyes. Russian Blues are trustworthy and friendly. They’ll accompany you all around the house and always wait for you to return home when you’re out.

3. Persian 

Persians or Persian Longhairs have long flowing fur and stubby noses. They have large, round eyes with smaller ears and round faces.

Although Persians require more attention, they are a better pet for people who spend much of their time lounging at home.

2. Munchkin

best breeds of cats to own in Japan 2021

Image From Catster

The Munchkin is second. The Munchkin was named after the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. It was accidentally discovered by a Louisiana teacher who found two pregnant, short-legged Munchkins under her car in the early 1980s. These two cats are believed to be the source of all Munchkins.

best breeds of cats to own in Japan 2021
Munchkins are well-known for their cute, short legs, cleverness, affection, playfulness, and love of people. Pepy users commented that their short legs make them adorable when they play. They are also very social cats which makes them the ideal pet.

1. American Shorthair

best breeds of cats to own in Japan 2021

Image From Kidadl

The American Shorthair is Japan’s most popular breed for 2021. The American Shorthair is playful, friendly, and gentle. Its beautiful, multicolored, and varied coat makes it a charming and easy-to-care-for cat.

They are friendly but sometimes enjoy solitude. This makes them a good choice for pet owners who are looking for a pet that is affectionate but not demanding. Pepy commenters praise their intelligence. Many people also praise the beauty of their fur.