The 10 best luxury cars Japan has ever made

Japan is known for its compact, affordable cars, but it has also sold luxury cars comparable to European models.

Japan had been making cars since the invention of the first automobiles in 1900. However, Japan’s growth in this sector was only possible after the postwar expansion in the 1960s. Exports grew exponentially.The brands also developed cool cars, many of which did not make it to the US.

Japan currently supplies utility and performance models from all major brands, including Toyota Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki. Over the past 50 years, their research, development, and design approach has produced unique cars. Although they were considered economy cars, some Japanese luxury vehicles are top-notch models that offer exceptional comfort. These super-luxury vehicles are only available in Japan.JDM(Japanese Domestic Models), although a few were also exported. This list includes both older and more recent models, which both are timeless and amazing.

10.Mitsubishi Diamante

From the 1990s to the 2000s, the Diamante was the only luxury sedan offered by the brand. The exterior was sporty thanks to the grille, and it featured a 3.0 V6 engine. The interior view showed passengers electronic leather seating, upholstery, and faux wood grain accents.

Mitsubishi wanted to keep the model’s heritage alive with new features like automatic climate control, power windows, and rear defroster. It offered both comfort and performance.

9.Lexus GS 300

Lexus is no surprise to be on this list. It’s Japan’s official luxury car brand. Since 1991, the GS 300 series has been in production. The GS 300 series first made its appearance in 1991. It featured antilock disc brakes and tilt, telescopic steering columns as well as temperature control.

Cargo space, active safety features, and infotainment systems have seen major improvements over the years in this model. V6, V8, and hybrid powertrains were also included in the GS 300.

8.Mazda 929L

Mazda isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to luxury. They have appealed to both the compact and family segments. Because of its sweeping lines, smooth curves, and luxurious interior, the rear-wheel-drive 929 was a luxury liner.

A 3.0-liter V6 engine powers the Mazda. It also had overhead camshafts that could produce 187 horsepower. The Large Mazda drove well and was able to hold the line even when going out of corners.

7.Lexus LS400

The Luxury LS 400 luxury car is part of a legendary line. The first generation of tilt-telescoping steering wheels came with SRS airbags. The brand had to make sure the LS 400 wasn’t lacking in the power department, hence, the dual-cam V8.

LS400 was made to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes, whether it’s the first-gen or fifth generation. It offered more comfort and technology while still meeting the same performance standards as luxury options.

6.2018 Toyota Century

The Century was introduced in 1967 and is one of the most iconic models from the conglomerate. The Century is also the most expensive, with a current-generation century costing around $180,000. Customers will not see any Toyota badges for this reason.

The Century, unlike the Prius, has an electric motor attached to a V8, producing 425 horsepower. The bulk of the luxury is felt in the back with an 11.6 infotainment screen, 20 speakers, and leather upholstery.

5.2004 Nissan Cedric

The Cedric; classified as an executive car and was primarily used in Japan as a competitor to the Crown. These cars were reliable, and they came with all the latest luxury trappings. Recent generations include stereo, cruise control, and climate control functions.

The functions of the control pad are located at the top edge of the rear seat rest. This makes it highly convenient for rear passengers. Recent models come with engines ranging from 2.5 to 3.0-liters and a four-speed automatic.

4.1967 Isuzu Bellel

The Isuzu Bellel was a four-door compact sedan that could also be used as a station wagon. Although the design is quite similar to other models from that era, it looks desirable. The exterior featured a smooth cover, rounded headlights, and chromed details.

The Isuzu was the first car to come up with a diesel engine and had several other unique attributes. Its spacious dimensions made it popular with exquisite customers.

3.2004 Nissan Prince Gloria

The name of the car is derived from the Latin translation for glory. The luxury car was sold as Prince Gloria after the merger of Prince Motor Company with Nissan motors. The car’s exterior features flowing lines and a chrome grille.

Interior features included leather seats, climate control, along three airbags. Wood panels, central lock, and other accessories were available to passengers that were rare to come by.

2.1995 Toyota Crown

Although the Crown isn’t available on the American market, the carmaker was interestingly the first to be officially imported to the USA during the 1950s. It had features such as chrome, radio, and heater that were luxurious even back then.

Over the generations, the most improved sector of this fifteenth version is the safety department with a full-range radar cruise controller and advanced car launch notification. It also features a Data Communication Module, which links to a Vehicle Control Network, rare on cars of that era.

1.1998 Mitsubishi Debonair

This model is unique because it is a technical amalgamation between Mitsubishi and AMG. The AMG package is purely visual as the Debonair has no performance capabilities.

It includes a body kit that provides for bumper extensions and wheel arches. It was pow by a 3.0-liter V6 engine that produced 150 horsepower. The Debonair had a full-stretch limousine version during its short life since it was only briefly available in 1987.