10 Vending Machines You Can Only Find In Japan

Japan is a vending machines paradise! In Japan, vending machines can be found in towns, cities, and even the country. They offer more than drinks to be purchased… Here are ten insane vending machines that you can only come across in Japan!

Umbrella Vending Machines

The concept of umbrella vending machines can be as useful than you think! If people find themselves in a sudden storm or forgot their umbrellas in a different place, umbrella vending machines will save the day. Some machines sell use and throw umbrellas for just 450 yen. Though, the majority cost between 1000 and 1200 yen.

Hamburger Vending Machines

You can get your fix for fast food! If drive-throughs are efficient, why not consider a hamburger vending machine? The vending machines that sell hot hamburgers became so popular they appeared on Japanese television. Insert a couple hundred yen, and then wait 60 seconds for your burger to heat up; then, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal.

Condom Vending Machines

The vending machines mentioned above are far not as common as you imagine! To ensure consumer convenience, Many vending machines offer uncomfortable products to purchase at a shop or for you not to have. These include things such as condoms. There are condom machines everywhere in Japan. Some of them are even “strategically” placed outside of liquor shops. Prices, colors, sizes, etc., are subject to change. However, condoms are typically sold for between 500 and 600 dollars.

Tights/Pantyhose Vending Machines

Do you have a cut in your tights due to an unintentional fall down a staircase at work? Are you shocked to find three holes in the pantyhose in the rear of your leg? Don’t fret! The vending machine is likely to be just around the side of the office building so that you can save yourself from embarrassing yourself.

Egg Vending Machines

If you’re taking a stroll in Japan’s more tranquil cities, you might happen to come on one of these massive egg vending machines that are refrigerated. In addition, they are regularly stocked by local farmers; they also allow you to choose from one egg, two eggs, or the entire carton! As they’re freshly laid, you can be sure they’ll taste delightful. Also, they’ll probably come at a reasonable price, too.

Ramen Vending Machines

If you’ve not realized, in the past, vending machines that sell different kinds of foods can be found all over Japan. Of course, it’s only natural for vending machines dedicated to the most loved food in Japan. Certain vending machines serve instant cups of noodles, while some offer premium bowls. However, they all have something that they all have in common: put in your cash and wait for just a few seconds, and then you’ll be served warm, tasty noodles in just minutes! Prices range from as little as 120 yen for a quick cup to more than 1000 yen for a bowl with toppings!

Surgical Mask Vending Machines

In contrast to most Western nations, in several Asian nations, especially Japan, masks are typically used in everyday life. Because of this reality, Japanese citizens take extreme measures to ensure cleanliness and avoid germs, particularly during the flu and cold season! It is common to see individuals sporting masks in the kensho (pollen allergies season) and when pollution levels are particularly poor on a particular day.

If you’re walking around and notice you’re coughing or in a congested public space like a subway and would like to guard yourself against germs, wearing surgical masks is a good idea. Can’t find any stores that sell them? Perhaps one of the vending machines for surgical masks can certainly prove useful. These machines are also quite affordable at around 200 yen.

Fish Broth Vending Machines

If you buy a drink from vending machines located in Japan, ensure that it’s not broth or soup! There are vending machines where purchasing dashi, a soup broth, is possible. Dashi stock is widely used throughout Japanese cuisine and is typically made of Kombu (kelp) or Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes that have been smoked). The stock can also be prepared using mushrooms or, in this instance, fish.

Cigarette Vending Machines

While this may not be the norm in other nations, vending machines that sell cigarettes are ubiquitous in Japan. More than 600,000 machines are available all over Japan! It is possible to purchase a box of cigarettes at any machine for only a few hundred yen.

You’re legally required to carry a Taspo card to purchase cigarettes at vending machines. This card’s identification certifies the cardholder to be twenty years old. That is the standard age requirement to purchase cigarettes within Japan. The card isn’t required if you purchase cigarettes in convenience shops.

Underwear Vending Machines

Of course, this machine for selling panties will appear included in the list. The common belief is that vending machines for underwear in Tokyo offer used underwear. However, this isn’t the case. The machines used to exist in the back alleys of Akihabara around 10 or 15 years ago. However, laws are now more strict. A few shops in the area offered used pants – but not always at vending machines; however, the police cracked down.

Nowadays, such underwear vending machines have become much more of a gag present instead of a bizarre obsession. At just 1000 Yen, you can buy a fake one!