5 Unique Japanese Words That Don’t Have Meaningful English Counterparts

Japanese is usually described as a beautiful and poetic language, but it definitely has its peculiarities! We’ve discovered more bizarre, calm, and exciting phrases that do not have an equivalent in English. Let’s look at five more bizarre Japanese words!

Mono no aware 物のあわれ

The fleeting beauty and the art of appreciating the beauty of nature. It’s a very Japanese idea. Hanami season is the perfect time to experience mono no aware.

Shibui 渋い

In essence, “old high school chic” is so old-fashioned it’s the sort of cool teenagers wouldn’t get because it invokes the sensation of nostalgia.

weird japanese language

Ikigai 生き甲斐

The reason for living is the reason that makes you up early in the morning—also known as money.

unique japanese languaue

Irusu 居留守 

A way of pretending as if you are not there when someone knocks at your door. This word should also be available in English!

weird japanese language

Komorebi 木漏れ日 

A term used to describe the sunlight that escapes from between the leaves and branches.

Source: Tokyotreat