Japanese Husband Still Dives in Search For Wife’s Remains Since The 2011 Tsunami

A Japanese man still searches for his wife who went missing during the devastating Japanese tsunami in 2011.

Yasuo Takamatsu, 64, is a widower who had lost his wife Yuko after a tsunami struck Miyagi, the city of Onagawa in Miyagi, almost a decade ago at this point.Yasuo even learned scuba diving to search the frigid seas in the Pacific Ocean, looking for his beloved wife.

After getting his diving permit, he set out in search of her remains. Seven years have passed, and he continues dives every week, and he’s at 470 dives and counting.

Source: The Times

“I dive like I’m going to see her someplace. I always think she might be in the vicinity,” he said.

Apart from being a solo diver, Takamatsu has also joined local authorities conducting searches underwater, where the body remains of more than 2,500 were located within the provincial area. He has discovered albums, clothes, and other artifacts; however, none of it belongs to his wife.

Takamatsu told reporters that, for the rest of his life, he’d continue to dive to locate her.

“In the last message she sent me, she wrote, “Are you okay? I want to return home,” Takamatsu added.
“I’m sure she still wants to come home.”