Top 10 Modern Japanese Artists And Illustrators You Need To Check Out

People worldwide know of beautiful artwork and animations of Japanese manga and anime, and it’s not wrong to say that there are exceptional artists in the country. With their twists and styles in artwork, they have made a mark on the online audience and continue to impress.

If you want to visit some of the excellent Japanese artists, here are their brief introductions and links:


Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi

Hiroyuki Mitsume Takahashi is among the artists that you instantly identify. He is known worldwide for his vibrantly colored drawings that appear to be in tune with various strands of Japanese and international youth culture and continue to attract admirers across the globe. Alongside illustration, he performs live painting, designs clothing, and even creates his vinyl toy.

Best japanese Digital artists

Miki Katoh

Best japanese Digital artists

Miki Katoh‘s love of kimonos and Japanese fashions from The Taisho and the earlier Showa period is evident in her beautiful drawings of gorgeous women wearing Kimonos, set against the background of both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Recently, she has collaborated with the Kyoho kimono brand. Kyoho kimono company in Kyoto creates a unique collection of kimonos dubbed Mizu Tama Tsubaki.

Best japanese Digital artists


Avogado6‘s somber and thought-provoking images frequently employ powerful imagery and symbols to examine social problems and personal depressing and emotional trauma.

However, many of them share the same theme of layered dark satire symbols, leaving their content’s interpretation open.


Influences derived from retro wave and an unabashed fascination with “neon pop, kawaii and psychedelic art,” the stylish women of BerryVerrine‘s photos and landscapes explode in vibrant colors in a fashion uniquely her unique.


Illustrator from Sapporo, TAO primarily draws cats, Showa Era things, and sneakers. With their bright and cheerful colors and kawaii characters having relaxing moments, a cup of coffee at hand, her art is bound to bring a smile to your face and help you get rid of the clouds that hang on your mind.


The idea of being eaten or consumed by monsters, whether real or symbolic, is likely to play a significant role in the works of manga artist and illustrator Sakiyama. At times, dark and frightening, and sometimes animated by her quirky sense of humor, her work is visually captivating and humorous.


If the girls in the drawings of Kaechang with their long limbs, large hands, and their tiny heads and large eyes make you think of Osamu Tezuka’s artwork, it’s because they were her source of inspiration as she started drawing in her youth. She also performs live painting and designs clothing for CDs, T-shirts, CDs, and stickers alongside her drawings.

Motocross Saito

Pixel designer, artist, and DJ, Motocross Saito creates amazing GIF animations that are retro in fashion, channeling the nostalgia from the ’80s and 90s songs. His work in design is frequently included in magazines from Japan, and he is also a contributor to international initiatives. For instance, he is creating the artwork for the game indie 198X, which is currently on Kickstarter.


PALOW is an artist and illustrator who creates unique worlds and characters in the most stunning science fiction and fantasy mix. His illustrations are a mix of human and metal that they call “insect mecha ladies,” fantasy-inspired designs that can be used in the worlds of Princess Mononoke and Alice in Wonderland, and stunning Blade Runner-Esque cityscapes, all yet being strikingly original.


The illustrations of Hasuimo combine an edgy and fashionable aesthetic and a fascination with Christian, Buddhist, and Shinto icons, which are sometimes merged in a dazzling new way.

Top 10 Japanese artist and digital illustrators